Our nation’s courage and selfless spirit to show solidarity with the flood victims in this era are admirable. Every individual of the nation is engage in the work according to his practical and financial capacity. All are dedicated to service beyond their capacity. The refugee camps are busy helping flood relief victims everywhere.


But the passion of our nation can be on the one hand the ambitions of the enemy. On the other hand, our enemy may stab us through black sheep under his aspirations. Someone may harm our people by putting something wrong in the food, or by harming the patients affected by wrong treatment, or another new issue for our nation is if the enemy does such an attack using chemical weapons. In this way, instead of being a leader in the world, we should stick to the swamp of shameful and adverse conditions.

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Therefore, our rulers should be careful. In this regard, organizations should implement such a system in the country, as many welfare organizations are engage in helping flood victims. They should have a defined code of conduct for flood relief victims. Efforts should be made to ensure that all relief activities are under the supervision of government-designated workers. Also, to distribute relief materials to the victims in an orderly manner and keep records. Social workers should have a good reputation and bear good moral character and be security clear. They should adopt all other matters of the same nature. In this connection, all fellows of PQR (police qoumi razakar), as well as civil defense volunteers, should deploy at each camp.

Welfare organizations go to the camps and distribute goods. Now, those who are powerful among the victims are looting unaccounted wealth. The deserving people are deprive of stuff. In this regard, they should make a code of conduct for each camp and strictly adhere to all these guidelines.

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