train station

On 24th of August 2020, We decided trip to Swat from other cities of Pakistan, our plan includes balakot, Islamabad, Naran kaghan, Malamjabba, and Babusar top. My family decided to go by train because me and my cousins never ever sit in the train and we all were very very excited because I want to know that how train looks from inside? how fast it will run? and all that.

w a i t i n g.....

Our train was on 30th August. On bright sunny day we got ready, all were excited have dishes in hand and plastic bags too. This was little awkward but well this was our first time in train and we have listened so many time about train journeys and then ah…

Now the time came, when we reached station fully loaded with the luggage wearing dresses which we love, thinking that we are late, train time was 5:17 and it was 4:45, but but but… After few minutes, we let to know that the train has been cancelled. We all got angry …… and I said to myself to come down. 

Now the point was that what to do whether to go back to home or to stay at station and wait for another train to come. “All said no if we had come very well ready and everything planed so why not to wait”. So, it was decided that we are going to wait for train because this is Pakistan’s Railway everything is possible. Well, there is a issue for me that how to spend time at station.

I was thinking about a station that to take a look at it I looked around and saw traditional station and the one thing very good which was weather on that day, it was prettiest weather. It was raining. Me and my cousin enjoyed a lot in the rain and we were more agog for the trip because it was monsoon season in all over the Pakistan. 

Now it was 5:15 the next time given to us that now are train will come but it was not are train. The next time was given to us that your train will come at 5:30 of 5:45 we wait till that also but still the train didn’t come first they were giving time after every 30 minutes but now they directly jumped to 8 o’clock that your train will come at time. As usual I started eating. I ate burger and sweets. When I played with my cousin and then with my mobile but still waiting for train. 

Then I send my brother to the canteen to bring some snakes. He went and bought the snacks which I love most then of course I eat that. As time goes by two hours 15 minutes many trains come and left and all were not our train.Finally it was 8 O’clock, We were waiting for train. All were saying “it’s in the city will come after 30 minutes”. I went to room where we kept our luggage and all that we all were sitting there and talking to each other and I took a nap for 5 minutes only then get seriously bored. Then went outside and again played with the young cousins again till 1 hour still the train is in the same city in which we are now 9 o’clock,

waited waited waited…..
Till 10:30 then after two trains,third train was our train. HUH?
Finally after 15 minutes the time came. I thanked Allah from heart. I went in the train and watched everything with wide eyes and selected my compartment in train with Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Nana(Grand father), Nani(Grand mother). All were sleeping after dinner but some of my cousins, my siblings and me were enjoying and busy in phones, out of the cabins. After feeling sleepy, we also went to sleep. At next day, I waked up at 7:30 morning and I did nothing except talking with my mummy and Nani because they were the only who were not sleeping. We spend our time talking eating laughing and playing.


After great 12 hours we were in Faisalabad. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I made some snap and selfies. and sat in the bus. We have booked and had lunch. Then directly took routes towards Balakot. We stayed at hotel. This was second time we planned to go to balakot because it’s one of the favorite city of my family. WHY? Why because you’ll know!… 

it was continuous raining there for 15 hours, not even stopping for 1 minutes. Sometimes it was heavy rain but some time slow. From the hotel we can see beautiful view from room’s windows. So now it would be admirable to you or to anyone. Because it was so much raining so we couldn’t go anywhere but we changed our hotel in same city and enjoyed there. That hotel was in the best place because there was a river flowing at side, the see saw was there in lawn on which I was swinging and looking at river and it was raining also. The river was looking so dangerous. Next day, the rain stopped. We got ready as soon as possible so that we can go to next city Naran.


Naran, the best place where all visitors should go. We all sat in a bus and started our journey to naran by the normal round roads going up and all of us were swinging in the bus. However, it was fun and we reached to Naran at night . It was so cold. We booked rooms in a hotel and got fresh and went out for shopping. Yippee..!
I was wearing black hoodie, black upper coat, black pant, black hat and black boots (BOOTS!! ON MOUNTAIN AREA. LOL!!).

Well, the market was just out of hotel and it was a bit angular. While shopping my foot was hurting and I can’t walk but still enjoying shopping so much and exhausting, the cold was driving me crazy for coffee, so my mom bought me cappuccino as expected because it is my favorite flavor. After shopping we went to do dinner. I ate biriyani(fried, roasted), Kadai(Wok chicken) there were many things but I just like to eat this. We went back to hotel and all were gossiping and chatting, having fun. I was having phone and listening BTS songs and swinging on swings. We went for sleep and next day we decided to go to Babusar top which was in Naran. 

The route to go there was very dangerous for bus and it was not raining that day, thank God!. Before reaching Babusar top. We were thinking that it would look like a beautiful place and I thought we were going to see snowfall. As soon as we reached there we were shocked to see. Guess… what we see. So many mountains around, some coffee stalls, a old house or a hotel, little of greenery and small mountains of trash, feeling in clouds and so cold because of clouds, we were getting wet but no snow. The place was naturally good but the arrangement was not good. It was still fun me and my four mamu (uncles) were going up on mountain. 

When I saw my three mamus going up there so I followed them. They were far from me, so another mamu came with me. We both struggled a lot to go up there and I was going non-stop so my mamu asked for break. Then after 10 minutes as we were stepping forward, the weather was getting so cold and my hands getting like stone or I would say I can’t feel that I have hands, eyes weeping but still no give up and started run. Finally we reached destination. I was in clouds. The clouds and we were on same level and I was recording video and when I give my phone to my mamu for picture, the mobile turned off. Very irritating, well they click pictures by their mobile and we couldn’t bear any more so we went down the hill.

Some of my family members had problem in breathing that’s why they were already in the bus waiting for us. Sky was giving a dangerous feeling because it seems to be rain but after a while the black clouds turn into black night. oh! I forget one thing to tell. When we were going down we stopped at a Glacier near the road. Local people turned a side of ice into stairs, we took some snaps. It was so cooling and refreshing… love it. Coming back to topic, we were going down the hill toward hotel. We slept there for a night.



The next grateful day, we get ready went to a restaurant for breakfast then sit in the bus. We took are routes towards Bahreen. We go there by Maansahra and then Bahreen. We were singing songs dancing and enjoying.

Then after few hours, unfortunately we found a truck stuck there and the road get blocked. So like this we wasted our 1 hour, actually not wasted because we got an opportunity to know about the local people. Many kids were playing their and when they saw us so they went and bring fruits to sale it to us. 

There were Pears, Ficus carica and so many. The fruits were very fresh, juicy and beautiful. We went to a waterfall which was just near the bus. I took some selfies, snaps and play their. Meanwhile, the truck repaired. Finally after coming out of that traffic, we stopped the bus for shopping of dry fruits, clothes and etc. So first of all, we bought dry fruits. We went towards cultural dress shops. 

The shops were well decorated and colorful. I bought an antique watch, hair band which was just like a Crown. It’s color was Golden and many little coins were hanging on it. It was very pretty, I bought frock for my cousin. It was very colorful too and some circled shape mirrors were attached to the frock, was very cute, I love buying these. We went to another shop which was a small but very good decorated with toys and jewelry. The jewelry was same in all shops but the toys were made up of wood. There were animals, transport like truck etc. The most important and cute thing and which I really loved to bought was the bedroom set and garden set made up of wood, that was really very cute.

malam jabba

Then we again sit in the bus and after going forward the bridge was broken because of the flood so we decided to go to Malam Jabba. We booked hotel there and stay a night. Another day, after rising shining sun, we all had a yummy breakfast, we went down where the bus parked. Obviously we had our photo shoot. Then we all started our trip to the Malam Jabba. 

The weather was a bit cloudy. After 15 minutes, we reached to a hill which is called green valley. It was really beautiful. There was greenery every where, it was a beautiful land. Everywhere was flowers, jumping castles and big slides so we all went to that slide which was looking fun ride, all of us swing those huge slides. We had a lot of enjoyment and i shouted whoopee and swing all the swings. The guide took us to 3 waterfall, and then last but not least, he took us to an adventurous park, where there were amazing lifts, chair lifts and zip line!…

All of us sit on chair lift which was enjoyable and amazing. My three adventure loving mamo (uncles) who went on babusar top aslo went for zipline. When we were going back hotel, it suddenly started rain. Rain was like slaps on body. We ran for shelter and found a restaurant. We all were whole wet. it was very funny moment.

 The weather after rain and when we went back to hotel:   


Finally we reached Islamabad. It took whole day to reach there.the weather was okay… I mean it was not rainy or cold but a little hot. We visited Faisal mosque which was very huge and it was cool inside. We also visited monuments and museum.

Faisal mosque
Pakistan monument

lok virsa heritage museum

We went to Lok Virsa heritage museum. It showcased the history and  different cultures of Pakistan. It is largest museum of Pakistan. It has many halls which presents different cultures through statues, textiles and etc. 

Afterwards we went to Pakistan monument. It spectral shapes design is drives from the rich mughal architecture. It has seven petals in which four large petals promote each of the four cultures of Pakistan, including Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pakhtoon and other three small petals promotes Gilgit-Baltistan, Azaad Kashmir and minorities. The art work on inner walls depicts the famous landmarks of Pakistan .It also has a museum which showcased through statues and leads to creation of Pakistan. It is dedicated to the people of Pakistan who sacrificed their “today” for a better “tomorrow”.It was really fun to be there. Next we went to Centaurus mall and eat things.  

Subsequently, we sit in Faisal movers and came back to Hyderabad.

This was a great journey. I didn’t want to go back to Hyderabad. I didn’t want to go back to Hyderabad and want to visit more in Islamabad, but I had a lot of things to do in Hyderabad.